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Mastering the Art of Effective Communication

Course Highlights and Agenda

This distinctive programme has been carefully designed to give you a “communications toolkit” – a collection of models and techniques that you can dip into and utilise in whatever communication situation you find yourself in.  Not only will you walk away with the ability to communicate better on all levels, you will also gain a unique insight into the how to read and understand the way others communicate. By the end of this highly practical and interactive two days, you will have gained a comprehensive skills set that will ensure success not only in your professional life but also your personal life.

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Understanding Attitude & Self Awareness

  • Behaviour and how it helps or hinders communication
  • Attitudes and how they influence behaviour
  • Changing negative to positive thinking
  • The self-talk and perception cycles
  • The value of teamworking
  • Understanding your communicating strengths and weaknesses

The Importance of Knowledge & Preparation in Effective Communication

  • When good communication requires preparation
  • Clarifying your aim and that of others
  • Structural and agenda elements; primacy and recency
  • The value of visuals and written support
  • A checklist for the right content

Harnessing Your Verbal Assets

  • Clarity and the positioning of ideas
  • Talking versus listening
  • Statement or question: push or pull?
  • The power of language, examples and anecdotes
  • The value of humour
  • When to repeat to reinforce

Utilising Visual Assets

  • Appearance sets the scene
  • Touch and what it conveys
  • Proximity and choosing the right zoneThe facial force-field
  • The most used and least understood language
  • Helpful and unhelpful mannerisms

Maximising Your Vocal Assets

  • Energy and enthusiasm and the link with pitch
  • Authority and the link with power
  • Confidence and the link with speed
  • Transparency and the link with pausing
  • Matching pace to gain rapport

Selecting the Right Medium to Maximise Communication

  • One to one situations
  • Communicating effectively in formal or informal situations
  • Dynamics and issues of group size in meetings
  • The value of mixed media: spoken (face to face/phone)and written
  • Video or telephone conferencing ingredients

A Framework for Conflict Resolution 

  • The need for two-way assertiveness
  • Analysing the source of the problem
  • Who takes the first step?
  • Modelling behaviour and learning from others
  • Handling difficult behaviours
  • Mediation as an option
  • Giving & Receiving Constructive Feedback
  • Recognition and catching people doing things right
  • Positive, negative or zero strokes
  • Giving negative feedback positively
  • The '10 step' model
  • Receiving feedback for development

Developing a Dynamic Listening and Questioning Framework

  • Adapting your communicating style in response to others
  • Encouraging the speaker psychologically and physically
  • What creates rapport or derails communication
  • The questioning toolbox
  • Checking understanding
  • Handling difficult questions

Getting to Grips with 360º Communication

  • Communicating and influencing upwards
  • Levelling with colleagues and peers
  • Communicating with the team
  • Working with the customer
  • The value of regular communication

What You Will Learn

During the intensive and highly interactive two days you will learn:

  • How attitude and behaviour can dramatically influence you and others  
  • The best way to prepare yourself for successful communication
  • How to utilise your visual, vocal and verbal assets
  • Sophisticated active listening and questioning techniques
  • How to tailor your communication style when dealing with different types of people
  • The keys to communicating constructive criticism successfully
  • How to assert yourself effectively and appropriately in a conflict situation


"Course leader is an accomplished presenter with a wealth of related knowledge. His standard of presentation and clarity is excellent. A very well prepared and presented course... I thoroughly enjoyed the entire 2 days... Worthy of a verbal recommendation to others in my organisation."
Dennis Chirgwin
ManagerN.I. Prison Service
"I thoroughly enjoyed learning the art of effective communication and I think that was mainly due to John making us all feel relaxed, sharing his experiences and knowledge."
Faye Manning
Glencairn Limited
"Excellent facilities and service….The tutor is an excellent communicator and very knowledgeable….This course compares very well to other course. Interesting and kept my attention"
Theresa Porritt
Project ManagerHBOS
"Excellent…well tailored to individual needs"
Catherine Watson
IBC Legal/Informa
"I think that the course is well prepared, presented and guided…Thank you very much."
Yasser Gado
Head of DepartmentQIB UK Plc
"Correct pace, content and subject matter. Overall an enjoyable and educational two days"
Helen Darroch
IT Service Continuity ManagerNational Australia Group
"[This course] is based on good knowledge, practicing, examples, highly interactive."
Mirjana Savija
Telecom Srbija A.D.
"Excellent..Strong presenter, good impact, good topic coverage."
Kevin Doyle
Senior Research ScientistOSI Pharmaceuticals
"Very enjoyable and informative course. Mark was excellent. Very useful. Very accurate. Flowed smoothly."
Daniel Zerman
"Excellent presentation. Very informative and educational. Pre-prepared standard of documentation incredibly high. The collective content of the course will certainly provide me with the tools required to improve communication skills. Far superior presentation than any other course attended. Thank you."
John Morgan
Vinci Construction Group
"It was a very good course…covers all the potential issues."
Salma Al-Hamdam
HR CoordinatorRSAL
"Very logical…professionally delivered in a relaxed and informal atmosphere"
Helen Frazer
ManagerRussell Investment Group
"All the sessions were very good... Excellent presentations... Everything was great... This was the best course I have attended."
Vaness Kho
ManagerCognizant Technology Solutions
"Well structured interactive training."
Marc Fourez
Technical DRA ManagerF Hoffman-La Roche Ltd
"Superior delivery"
Lawrence Singer
Programme DirectorHome Office
"This was better than other courses I have attended…Good practical examples and tips...Very interactive"
Wily Ang
Commercial AnalystTNT Express
"My knowledge after the course was excellent…The course as a whole was very good…The leader was really excellent"
Pavel Drnovsek
Head of SMIGSandoz