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Delivering Powerful and Charismatic Presentations Training Course

Course Highlights and Agenda

Good speakers convey passion, enthusiasm and energy – they inspire and excite, they arouse and enable. They connect with their audience – not just on the surface but emotionally, at the level of the beliefs and feelings of the audience.

The art of delivery is not a talent which people are born with, but a skill which you can acquire.

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Understanding How to Manage and Control Nervous Energy

Getting the Butterflies to Fly in Formation

  • tips and techniques to help you feel mentally more positive

Learning to Relax

  • practical strategies to aid relaxation and get the body under control

The Neutral Position

  • how to adopt the correct position for the first 9 seconds
  • 9 : 90 rule of speaking

Managing the Physical Impact of the Speaker

Body Posture and Stance

  • ensuring a confident and authoritative stance

Hands and Movement

  • positive ways to use space and general spatial awareness

The Importance of the Face

  • practical exercises to reduce facial tension
  • how to maintain eye contact, especially with a large audience

Generating an Exciting and Interesting Voice


  • how to achieve rib swing - developing the technique of breath control
  • breathing exercises to help sustain the voice

Vocal Variety

  • techniques to increase the variety of pitch in the voice
  • developing a varied pace of delivery
  • why and how to use pauses
  • the ‘E’ word and its importance

Volume and Projection

  • exercises to produce volume and increase resonance

Putting the Message Together

Audience Analysis and Objective Settings

  • checklists to help analyse different sorts of audience
  • considering the W.I.F.M approach to material generation
  • how to set realistic and achievable objectives for a presentation

Structuring a Presentation (i)

  • the importance of attention-getting openings
  • suggestions on how to get started
  • the law of primacy
  • how to generate material
  • the star diagram to help formulate key points

Structuring a Presentation (ii)

  • closing the talk
  • law of recency
  • where to place the question and answer session

Key Ways to Introduce Variety

  • structuring the main body
  • use of humour
  • anecdotes, comparisons and analogies
  • sign-posting and mini summaries
  • how to link effectively

Use of Notes

  • evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of alternative options
  • how to use notes effectively
  • the negative effect of using visual aids as a prompt
  • introduction to the “Grid”

Generating Eye-catching Visuals

Why Should Visuals be Used?

  • the objective of a visual
  • when should they not be used
  • what options are available

Generating Visually

  • design points for exciting visuals
  • the 3 ‘Bs’ of visual design
  • landscape versus portrait

Handling Visuals

  • the 5 part handling strategy
  • using a pointer
  • how to re-focus the audience
  • visuals used as handouts

Handling the Discussion Period

Different Types of Questions

  • 8 questioner types
  • understanding the motivation behind questioners’ behaviour
  • tactics to encourage questions at the start of the discussion period

Handling Strategies

  • neutralising aggressive people
  • managing the awkward kind of questioner
  • handling multiple questions
  • how to cope if you do not know the answer
  • how to manage questions when they occur during the presentation

Making the Emotional Connection

  • the inside influence: how our beliefs, values, attitudes and opinions impact on our behaviour and communication
  • Values Driven Communication – how to connect emotionally with a group of people 
  • the components of charisma

What You Will Learn

You will discover the secrets of how to deliver a powerful presentation and thanks to the “Microwave Principle” – developed from the inside out through gaining a powerful belief in yourself and your ability, you will develop new levels of confidence in delivering presentations.

You will also discover the unique formula for getting buy in which will show you how to ‘get through’, and not just ‘give out’, in order to develop a real emotional connection with your audience.


"All of the information was very useful and helpful….Probaby one of the best courses I attended. Im feeling much more confident about standing up in front of people"
Sam Dancy
"The main point is that I needed to attend to address a particular weakness and this was fully addressed."
Nicholas Cook
UK Co-ordinatorTotal E&P UK
"All the course was totally relevant and superbly delivered…the best trainer I have come across"
Ray Gorin
Team Co-ordinatorSouthend on Sea Borough Council
"What can I say first-class facilitation from start to finish..…wouldn't change anything"
Dr Edmond Rooney
Head of Policy & DvptDepartment of Education (NI)
"One of the best course I have ever attended. Thank you"
George Khoury
Reed in Partnership
"Delivered what was said on the tin….excellent - entertaining delivery but all points relevant"
Theresa McDermott
Derbyshire Chamber
"Course was excellent…Great sessions, really learnt a lot here…Excellent, best presentation skills course I have been on"
Sharon Hobson
Orange Business Services
"I used to see presentations as a threat - now I see them as an opportunity -great course"
Peter Needham
AccountantAmersham Plc
"Fantastic combination of trainers…..Very interactive, really helped my confidence with such a frightnening subject!"
Jo Reardon
Orange Business Services
"The whole cours has been brilliant…The best I have attended in my career….all relevant and practical"
Karen Leys
Post Office Ltd
"For such a feared topic, I found it thoroughly enjoyable experience I feel like I have the tools to do it."
Timothy Johnson
"Exceeded my expectations. Very motivational…..Excellent..This course is far superior to other presentations courses I have been on."
Rhian Beaton
Wave Telecom
"All very good and clearly presented... Excellent!"
Linds Batson
NHS Blood & TransplantNHS Blood & Transplant
"Excellent, covered all that was required in a well structured format."
Benefits Manager
Lewisham CouncilMick Lear
"Loads of useful tips and practical advice. Exceeded my expectations."
Customer Service
National Blood ServiceAndrew Pearce
"Absolutely excellent……it did for me exactly what the literature said it would do"
Philip Wood
Finance DirectorLynx Financial Systems
"Super Training"
Rene Joergensen
Head of DepartmentDanske Bank
"An excellent course. Great "hands on" approach. Practical excrcises very useful"
Jolanta Czeren-Shorland
Force Contact ManagerWest Mercia Police
"Managing nerves & creating structure helped a great deal in improving confidence... Good visuals. Very enjoyable & relaxing"
Nikki Phillips
Kohler Europe